Wedding Bathroom Basket

Are you planning on popping a wee Wedding Bathroom Basket in the ladies for your wedding Guests?

Usually when we ladies attend a wedding, we don’t carry our usual ‘suitcase’ style handbag along with us. Generally, we have a stylish and glamorous clutch bag, which we would be lucky to fit our lippy and purse in.

A wedding is often a very long day between the Ceremony and the Reception. Quite often we would really like to freshen up, or find a blister on our heel, or god forbid, accidentally tear a seam in our dress…… We are NOT likely to have a sewing kit in our bags right?

So there’s nothing nicer we could do for our wedding guests, than make sure we have a supply of the ‘little things’ we might need during the course of the day.

Here is a few things you might like to consider popping into your basket for your lovely Lady guests. xx


Wedding Bathroom Basket list
Wedding Bathroom Basket List